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We use functional, sport-related movements in our resistance training to enhance how your body moves on the field. We focus on core stability and mobility while complementing them with full-body strength, power, balance, and speed work. If you’re a beginner in the weight room and want to build strength the right way, Set the Tone is a




As an athlete playing a competitive sport at any age or level, it’s important to do
your job of taking care of your body. You get one body to use for the rest of your life and you’re the only person that controls what goes into it and how well it moves.


When it comes to being competitive (as well as living a healthy life overall), your
mind and your body work together. Having physical talents and athletic skills like hitting a baseball or kicking a soccer ball, are skills that many athletes your age have. You need to master a way to separate yourself from the rest...if you WANT TO separate yourself as an “elite athlete.” There are two ways to significantly get an edge on your opponents or even the teammates that you’re competing with for that starting spot:

1. Fuel and strengthen your body with quality food, resistance training, and
2. Practice sharpening your mindset all day...every day.

We cover some of this material on our Health & Wellness page, Or check out the
information provided to become a better version of yourself and come train with us to
learn more about how to become elite on the field!

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