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Image by Sara Julie


Our Philosophy may not be for the popular crowd. We may believe things work
quite differently than the majority based on the habits of the American public. Our
philosophy, beliefs, and values toward living a healthy, high-quality life come from
personal and professional experience in a wide range of health-related fields. We
provide our clients with information that will catapult them to achieve their goals.


We do not claim to be Doctors or Physical Therapists, but we have learned from
them. We do not claim to be Psychologists or Certified-Life Coaches (yet), but we have gathered years of positive and proven information to lead our clients in the direction toward a healthy, naturally happy life!


We are not Registered Dietitians, but we will give you the best nutritional
information we can provide. We will never try to sell you a magic pill, supplement, or a
powdered shake and tell you it’s a ‘healthy option.’ If we don’t have the solution, we will try to find it for you or refer you to a professional that does. Everybody is a different case with different goals. We are here to help you with whatever that is.


Our business is focused on using functional resistance training to develop
positive habits of movement in the lives of our clients. We aim to make the daily life of
our clients easier by feeling stronger in all areas. Our training covers all planes of
motion and targets all major muscle groups in every session. The center of your body is the foundation of your health. We strengthen your core so that you can strengthen
everything else!


We don’t pressure anyone to live one way or another. We provide information for
those that are searching for it. Take a spin through it with an open mind. We may not
be a fit for you. That’s OK. We hope you use other healthy ways to discover meaning
in your life. But if you can see we always have your best interest and your best future in mind, you will be thrilled you chose to Set the Tone!




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